Chi Nei Tsang Massage

Rossio (Lisbon) | Historic Center (Porto)
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  • 120 mins


Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal massage, based on Chinese Taoist philosophy. It is based on the theory that the abdomen is the centre of the body and to achieve well-being it is necessary to release the tensions accumulated therein. It is very common for emotions to be blocked in the organs and in time cause some disease.
Thousands of years ago, Taoists realized that emotions affected organs and saw that one of the main causes of the disease was when they were trapped in the body.
This Chinese word Chi Nei Tsang comes from the combination of the words Chi (vital energy) and Nei Tsang (internal organs) and means to work the “vital energy of the internal organs” or “transformation of the energy of the body”.
It consists of a gentle massage in the abdominal region that, according to tradition, produces a reflex effect throughout the body, activating and/or unblocking energy flows, rather than just a massage is a physical and energetic therapy where each organ is massaged over the skin, cleaning the clogged and accumulated energy, always working in the abdominal region.
This Chi Nei Tsang Massage has many benefits, such as: correcting the position of internal organs and stimulating them, also transforming negative emotions that block the organs, incorrect posture problems due to lack of balance in the viscera. In addition to eliminating toxins and strengthening the lymphatic system, this massage also improves the immune system as well as the circulatory system, relieves chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, and improves intestinal transit. Chi Nei Tsang is a massage recommended for people with stress or anxiety problems, for those who accumulate tensions or fears, whether conscious or unconscious. It is very beneficial for those who have symptoms of acute or chronic diseases.