Couple Massage

Rossio (Lisbon) | Historic Center (Porto)

Price for two people

  • 60 mins


  • 40 mins


  • 80 mins


  • 90 mins


Couple Massage is undoubtedly one of the experiences that can generate greater benefits for a relationship because it improves important aspects such as communication and caring for the other. It is ideal to do it with your favourite partner to relieve tension and accumulated fatigue. The massage to be performed can be chosen by each one, according to their needs.


Currently, our life is going very fast and less time is spent enjoying with the family, so it is important to take a break and look for options that allow you to meet you and your partner.


Couple Massage has many benefits, among which:

  • It promotes the quality of time as a couple.
  • Reduces tensions or discussions caused by day today.
  • Creates greater connection, the emotional and physical bond between the two.
  • Increase interest in the body of knowledge of the couple.
  • Reduce individual stress.
  • Massage therapy is always a great opportunity for a reunion, sharing and growth, both individually and as a couple.
  • A Couple Massage can be a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, an anniversary or simply because they want to pamper themselves together.

Live this experience as a couple and enjoy every minute to the fullest, because you are worth it.