Magnetic energy is of invaluable help in promoting the good physical condition and well-being of the human being. The human being is a biomagnetic phenomenon because the atoms that make up his cells are tiny magnets of different polarities. Our body is made up of millions of small interconnected magnets that fulfil different functions.


This is an innovative therapy that consists of placing magnets in strategic places in the body to balance the energy. The application of magnetotherapy is individualized and can address improvements in various health deviations, from colon problems, constipation, organic devitalization, depression, tumours, etc.


The benefits are:

  • Fast relief from pain and inflammation of all types (arthritis, osteoarthritis, migraine, contractures).
  • Helps in regeneration of the muscles, nerves and bones.
  • Reduce stress and improve sleep quality.
  • The benefits operation of all organs and systems.
  • They generate vigour and energy.
  • Improves lymphatic circulation.
  • Improves blood circulation with decreased deposits of calcium and cholesterol in the blood.
  • Analgesics, sedatives, anti-inflammatories and general revitalizers are compatible with the therapy and with other medications.
  • With no side effects or limit in age.