This massage totally relaxes the body and at the same time provides a wonderful and pleasant sensation of energy, not to mention the multiple benefits that the essential oils have for your skin.


It is very effective for treating muscular tension and physical problems, such as back, neck, shoulder pain, or simply to relax the body and release the tension accumulated in daily life.


It is particularly suitable for those suffering from high stress, or for those who have a very tense body and who maintain a lifestyle full of activities with no time to relax a little.


It is also perfect for those who simply want to have more energy or those who need to improve sleep and rest, as this type of massage stimulates the body causing the release of endorphins that gives it a good feeling of stability and tranquility.


This type of massage can be done on a tatami (mattress) on the floor or on a massage table. Natural oils are used with combinations of essential oils suited to the patient’s different needs (soothing, stimulating) to achieve a sense of inner tranquility and vitality.


The massage is performed with the patient in underwear, and the patient’s body covered with a towel. The environment is calm and cozy, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.