Pre-Natal / Pregnancy Massage

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With pregnancy, there are many transformations in the woman body and with these physical and hormonal changes, they see associated discomforts. It is common for 80% of pregnant women to experience low back pain, especially with weight gain over the weeks until delivery. In addition to adopting the posture in daily activities, for the new body configuration, it is necessary also localized massage therapy with the application of warm balms that aid in the relief of pain.
By changing all of your postures, the cervical spine and the neck region is impaired, which causes pain not only in the neck but also in the head. This is the most frequent type of headache in pregnant women, which can be easily aided by massage along with the muscles, which support the dorsal, cervical and nuchal spine.
Many pregnant women may have a certain swelling in the joints because they retain more fluids, which causes pain in these places. The feeling of swelling often appears only on the ankles and along the legs. This is often due to the fact that there is a decrease in venous return, leaving the lower limbs with oedema and pain. Massage in order to drain the lymph, promote circulation and mobilize the joints, help in this context.
The pregnant woman, when balancing her body, also changes the posture of the legs, which become more arched and consequently painful. This change in the posture of the legs overloads the muscles, which can also cause cramps, especially at night. Shortening of the hind leg muscle as a consequence of posture modification is what makes these muscles more prone to spasms and cramps. The Pregnancy Massage stretching muscles releases tension and helps relieve cramps.
In any of these symptoms, our team of Eco Massage therapists can help during their gestation period.