Red Fruits Ritual Massage

Rossio (Lisbon) | Historic Center (Porto)
  • 60 mins


  • 40 mins


A massage performed with a delicious cream of red fruits that beyond enjoying a new level of relaxation in your body you will also see
improvements in your skin, thanks to regenerating agents such as vitamin C and AHA found in berries.

In this massage a new energy level is experienced thanks to its content in algae and minerals, which restores the hydration of the hydrolipid film.

In this way, through this massage, the state of tension that blocks the flow of natural energy is released, a large part of this work of
releasing accumulated energy is carried out by the therapist, which is channeled through his hands and his heart.

Among other benefits that stand out from this massage is on an emotional

level because it helps to release emotions, negative thoughts and behavior patterns that cause limitations.

On a physical level, tension and stress are released and toxins are eliminated.

The best thing about Red Fruit Ritual Massage is that the healing effects of this massage can continue long after it is performed.

What are you waiting to try it?

We are sure you will love it.