Sports Massage, or also called “Deep Massage”, is a form of massage that involves the manipulation of soft tissues for the well-being of people engaged in regular physical activity, whether a high-level athlete or a person who attends a gym regularly. It is a method of preparation and restoration of the muscular tissues to optimize the accomplishment of the physical activity.


Unlike conventional massage therapy, Sports Massage focuses exclusively on working all the physiological aspects to optimize the context of physical activity or sports performance.


What is sought with this type of massage? Is to relieve the weight of the muscles involved in the physical activity that is being performed.


There are different types of Sports Massage. The pre-competition massage, which is done before the competition or before the beginning of the physical activity in question, which seeks the ideal preparation of muscles for the moment of exertion, increasing elasticity and preventing injuries that may occur during competition.


There is also a specific type of post-competition massage, or post-event massage, that occurs after physical activity, which targets muscle recovery and fatigue reduction. Finally, we have the Sports Massage for maintenance, which is advisable to perform from time to time, in order to provide comfort to the muscle and body, aiming to maintain muscle tone and good posture, as well as relieve stress overload. The techniques used in this massage are slow and intense in order to reach the deep tissues. Its main function is to reduce muscular overload and fatigue, avoiding injuries caused by excessive training.


If you perform intense training frequently, this therapy will be your best ally, providing an optimal recovery and therefore better performance. It also helps prevent possible injuries that may occur during physical activity.