Thai Massage

Rossio (Lisbon) | Historic Center (Porto)
  • 60 mins


  • 40 mins


  • 80 mins


  • 90 mins


  • 120 mins


The Thai Massage consists of stretching and deep massage, with slow and smooth movements that simulate some yoga postures. This technique produces total relaxation. It is also described as having some influence from ancient China and in many cases is called “The Holy Dance” because of its resemblance to a dance where all movements complement each other and we have it for you.


In this type of massage yoga Thai, we work from head to toe stimulating the whole body and not just an area, understanding that everything is connected to the level of the physical body, but also where the harmony of body and spirit is sought. Massage traditionally always starts on the feet upwards, so the mind and body allow you to relax more deeply. Different pressures and stretching movements are used to massage the hands, elbows, feet, and knees, which produces a sense of well-being and body rebalancing.


In this Thai Massage, the patient is dressed in comfortable, loose, and if possible elastic clothes, which allows performing all the movements with the greatest freedom possible. It is performed on a mat placed on the floor, for better mobility, stability, and comfort of the patient, no oils are used, save exceptions where it is necessary to use a specific balm for a more congested or inflamed area of the body.


It helps to release the physical and emotional stresses stored in the body that may have been caused by work, physical or mental stress. Gentle, deep and coordinated breathing is important, seeking to integrate everything into a dance, with fluid and harmonious movements.