Therapeutic Massage

Rossio (Lisbon) | Historic Center (Porto)
  • 60 mins


  • 40 mins


  • 80 mins


  • 90 mins


  • 120 mins


It is probably the oldest tool that humans have used to treat the body, being a natural resource for resolving pain, relaxing muscle tissues and relieving tension.


The fast pace of urban life increases the levels of stress that release toxins into our body. With Therapeutic Massage, we accelerate the elimination of these toxic substances, increasing the flow of oxygen in the tissue, accelerating the recovery of lesions and numerous diseases, you will feel free from pain.


This type of massage can be based on various therapeutic techniques from different backgrounds, from TuiNa (Chinese massage), Thai (Thai Massage), Shiatsu (Japanese Massage), Ayurvedic (Indian Massage). In all these practices one can enjoy advantages, through the conditions in which the body is, from the accomplishment of more muscular stretches until the deep pressure in specific points. Depending on the needs, the necessary techniques are applied to give special attention to the most contracted areas.