Vibrational Therapy

Rossio (Lisbon)
  • 60 mins


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  • 90 mins


  • 120 mins


The Vibrational Therapy, made with Tibetan bowls is a primitive shamanic technique, full of mystical beauty and a great aura of spirituality. However, nowadays, with the profound scientific studies of quantum physics and its extensive research on the effects of sound vibration on the human body, this therapy of the ancient shamans of Asia is reissued under concepts, theories, and practices with a scientific foundation.
To explain what is the vibrational therapy of the Tibetan bowls and gong is necessary to first understand what a Tibetan bowl and a gong is.
The original Tibetan bowls are instruments made from seven different metals, melted until they combine to form a leaf that then a monk or Tibetan artisan hammers in a fragrant environment of incense and the sound of mantras. Strike back in active meditation within the forge, he will mould this sonorous instrument, traditionally also used to beg, eat, and produce a celestial melody and vibration that accompanies a monk, a teacher, or a healer throughout his journey of spiritual transformation. Having the opportunity to get a cup used by any of them is a thousand times more powerful than buying it at any store.
It is very important to know how to differentiate between an original handmade bowl and an industrially made bowl. The original will show each blow received in its manufacture and the other will be perfectly polished. The main difference in its use is that the original does not only produce sound but also upon contact with the body, it transmits a subtle and penetrating vibration.
Gong: an instrument in the form of a plate of different sizes (in some cases of particular forms), whose manufacturing process is the same as the one realized in the Tibetan bowls. In the same way, one can find the gong made by machines but, as previously described, the process of energy impregnated in the instrument during its confection by hand makes all the difference.
Why is it called vibrational therapy?
The answer to this question is that these instruments emit two types of vibrations: the sound vibration and the physical vibration of the metals that compose it.
What does it consist of?
This ancient Tibetan technique is based on the principle that everything can be influenced by vibration and energy, both physical, emotional, mental and energetic (a description that the Tibetan monks use when referring to the composition of the human structure). Here we refer only to the energy body because the rest is of general knowledge. This energetic body, described by this millennial culture, is roughly composed of energetic channels that run through the body and seven major centres of energy, known as chakras, meaning “wheels.” Each of these centres can be influenced by different elements of therapy: scents, light, crystals, magnetism, energy emission, pressure massage, vibrations, and sounds, the latter being those used in this therapy. Each chakra has a specific tone and vibration, with which it can be cleaned, harmonized and enhanced.
Especially in our vibrational therapy, we use:
  • The massage
  • Scanning
  • The aromas
  • The sounds
  • The vibration
With all these elements, there is a very powerful result that you will immediately feel, as deep relaxation and as time goes by, you will be aware of its effects on the mental, emotional and physical level.