60min 70€ | 90min 109€ | 120min 139€

Personalized full body massage, it’s a mixture of therapeutic massage, optimized with a spectacular relaxing massage. This mix makes this a unique revitalizing experience.

Relaxation Massage

60min 70€ | 90min 109€ | 120min 139€

Let yourself be pampered with this massage created for physical and mental relaxation, renew your energy with oriental techniques, totally relaxing, ideal to induce sleep and balance the nervous system.

Therapeutic Massage

60min 70€ | 90min 109€ | 120min 139€

A deeper massage, perfect for releasing tension and contractures, oriental techniques are used, all perfectly harmonious to provide an invigorating and recovery therapy.

Foot Massage

60min 70€ | 90min 109€ | 120min 139€

Ideal for tired legs and feet, reflexology techniques are used to work specific points on the feet and relax not only the extremities but also the whole body.

Detox | Toning Therapy

60min 70€ | 90min 109€ | 120min 139€

An excellent combination of manual Lymphatic Drainage in the beginning, which is ideal for eliminating toxins from the body and reducing fluid accumulation and ends with a magnificent relaxing massage with essential oils.

Hot Stones Massage

60min 79€ | 90min 129€ | 120min 158€

Feel the magic effect of basaltic stones on specific points of your body, essential oils are used to make this experience even better, extremely relaxing.

Harmony Massage with 4 Hands

60min 139€ | 90min 198€ | 120min 278€

Enjoy a wonderful massage, done with two therapists with coordinated massage movements to produce deep relaxation.

Couple Massage

60min 139€ | 90min 218€ | 120min 278€

Enjoy this unique moment for two people, in a romantic and well-being atmosphere. With a personalized massage chosen by each one,

according to their needs.

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